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General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (A level) requires studying an offered A-level subject over a two-year period and sitting for an examination at the end of each year. A levels are regarded as a 'gold standard' in the British education system and are recognised by all UK academic institutions, including top universities like Oxford and Cambridge. Many colleges offer intensive courses of one year or 18 months for international students with a good secondary education from their own country. A Levels are ideal for students who want to apply to the very best universities and the most competitive courses.


3 to 6 terms (1 year to 1.5 year)

Entry Requirements

  • Over 15.5 years old
  • IELTS 5.5+ (doesn`t necessary)
  • GCSE passes at grade A-C or above in the appropriate subjects, or equivalent evidence of a good secondary or high school education

Study UK recommends the following schools to study A Level in the UK: