2014 - 2015 intake

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2014-2015 оны элсэлт эхэллээ!

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English Preparation download

This course focuses on improving 4 skills, speaking, listening, writing, and reading and provides using English in an academic and the workplace.

Who is this course for?

For people who want a combination of general, academic, and professional English in a highly communicative environment.

Entry Criteria

There are five levels available:

  • Elementary,
  • Pre-Intermediate,
  • Intermediate,
  • Upper Intermediate,
  • Advanced

Students will be tested which level in you are at our office.

Period of course

1 to 11 months available. There are 4 choices (15 hrs, 20 hrs, 25 hrs, and 30 hrs) how many hours you want to study for a week.

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