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​International Foundation download

Students, who got GCSE in Mongolia, ought to join the International Foundation in UK for 1 year before Bachelor degree course. This course`s aim is to split the differences of UK and Mongolian education system and train the students for their next step, Bachelor degree course. After Foundation, students will study 3 years for the Bachelor degree course.

The foundation course acts as a bridge between your current qualifications and UK university undergraduate entry requirements and is designed to plug academic gaps, improve your English and familiarise you with UK life and culture in preparation for university.

Foundation courses available

Foundation courses can prepare students for a variety of subjects such as: Business, Finance & Management; Computing; Law; Art and Design; Engineering; Social Science; Medicine; Science and Pharmacy; Media; and Humanities.

Some foundation providers have partnerships with specific universities and can guarantee progression to them if the student achieves high enough grades. On some programs the student is actually based on campus and enjoys full university status with complete access to libraries and sporting facilities.


1 year

Entry Requirements

  • Over 17 years old
  • IELTS 4.5+
  • GCSE with good grades

All majors are available with our partner Universities