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Pre- Masters download

A Pre-Masters, sometimes referred to as a postgraduate foundation course, is available in a wide range of subjects. Pre-Masters programmes in the UK have been designed to prepare international students fully for studying a masters in the UK.

Courses range in length from ten weeks to twelve months and provide an essential grounding for successful postgraduate study. A Pre-Masters will greatly increase the English language and study skills required for successful postgraduate study at UK universities, as well as familiarising you with UK teaching methods. You will gain experience of studying your subject in English before beginning your degree.

Masters Qualifying Programme (MQP)

It is ideal if you have not completed a first degree or studied Business before and want to go to an MBA or Business Masters. MQP will give a through grounding in key business subjects.

Who needs to take a Pre-Masters?

If you interested in Postgraduate Degree in UK, you ought to join its preparation for 1 year but it depends the following situations.

  1. If you continuing study as your major, sometimes you will not have to study at preparation depending on which University you chose. Some universities agree to study without preparation.
  2. If you study in different major, you will definitely have to study in preparation.